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Unique benefits of Travel Norfolk

One of the best things about Travel Norfolk for journey planning is that all the information comes direct from local transport providers. This is only possible because as Norfolk County Council, we have professional relationships with local bus providers, train operators and bicycle hire firms. We are therefore able to pull of this information together to present it to users seamlessly. These relationships mean that we are regularly updated when there are changes to services or issues on across various networks.

Building on the point about local information, you can also rely on Travel Norfolk for accuracy. Because this data is supplied directly to us from local providers, we get it as rapidly as possible. Therefore, we can assure, as much as possible, that the times and dates of the travel data is accurate. Of course, no site is completely flawless when it relies on third party data. But because of our professional relationships with data providers, we have the means to quickly update our system. If you discover any incorrect data, please do visit the contact us page to let the relevant operators know.

Our developers and project team have put a lot of time and effort into our key, which can be found on the right-hand side of the journey planner. There you can toggle on and off various facilities and services, for example public toilets or bus stops. This means that wherever you are, you will always be able to find your nearest facility and make your way there. Because of the geolocator function too, you’ll always know where you are in relation to the facility you are looking for.

Travel Norfolk has live departure boards in built from each bus stop. This way you can click on the stop you are at or are planning to travel from and see when the next bus is due to arrive and where it is headed. This is a great way to plan your journey and make sure you are going in the right direction. As always, we get this information from our local partners so you can be sure it is trusted ad up to date.

Because Travel Norfolk has been developed by Norfolk County Council for the benefit of residents and visitors to Norfolk, it is not designed with a commercial imperative. Therefore, there is no danger that you will start getting adverts popping up on the site. We also do not collect your data so therefore we won’t be selling your email address or phone number to commercial partners. Those way you can use Travel Norfolk with full confidence that it has been built with your best interests in mind.

Sometimes a journey can be made up of more than one mode of transport. For example you might want to cycle to a bus stop and then get the bus somewhere. You might want to hop on a beryl e-scooter and then catch a train from Norwich station. Our integrated map and key make this possible as you can toggle on and off the bus stops, cycle parking and bike share bays across Norfolk.

This is just the start for Travel Norfolk. There are already loads of reasons to visit and use the Travel Norfolk website but in the future there will be even more. Including seeing travel options by cheapest, greenest or quickest options. Journey planner results which include multi-mode options and much more. Look out for updates later in the year.