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E-cargo bike library

Norfolk County Council secured £171,545 from the Government’s annual Air Quality Grant in 2023. This money has been used to create an e-cargo bike library, helping local businesses in Norwich to cut operating costs while lowering their emissions.

The e-cargo bike library is now live and businesses can now borrow a bike for up to 8-weeks free of charge*

* A security deposit of £250 will be required.

woman riding a cargo bike

Why try an e-cargo bike?

E-cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular among logistics operators, retailers and tradespeople looking to deliver packages to homes and other business premises with minimal impact on the local area. The benefits from this flexible transport impact everybody from;

  • Air quality benefits: E-cargo bikes are estimated to cut carbon emissions by 90% compared to diesel vans.
  • Congestion: E-cargo bikes contribute less to congestion in cities. This allows for more space and movement for all modes of transport.
  • Health benefits: The e-cargo bike users will benefit from increased exercise as well as the health benefits gained through cleaner air for both residents and visitors.
  • Business benefits: Businesses who use the e-cargo bikes can expect to see considerable savings in both money and time.


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Outspoken Cycles wins contract to run e-cargo bike library in Norwich

Norfolk County Council can confirm today that Outspoken Cycles Ltd in partnership with Zedify Norwich has won the contract to…