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young family cycling along the river in King's Lynn in Norfolk


Cycling is one of the best ways to travel in urban areas. It is not only clean and green, it can also have a huge impact on your health.

We can hear what you’re thinking, it’s not always possible to cycle. And we agree. It’s not realistic to get on your bike every time you want to make a journey for many different reasons. However just cycling those short journey’s can make a massive difference.

Did you know that  58% of car journeys in 2018 were under 5 miles. And in urban areas, more than 40% of journeys were under 2 miles in 2018 –17. For many people, these journeys are perfectly suited to cycling and walking.

So next time you’re taking a short journey whether it’s popping to the shop, dropping the kids off at school or getting to work why not leave the car at home and go on two wheels.