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Benefits of walking and cycling

Your head

Exercise is great for your mental health and reducing stress. Getting out and breathing in fresh air as you wheel or walk around is a beautiful way to spend a few hours and can give you fresh perspectives.

Your weight

One of the best things about riding a bike or walking for weight loss is that you may be able to fit it into your life without having to add a whole new activity to your lifestyle. For example, choosing to cycle to work regularly can make a huge difference to your bodyweight.

Your heart

Cycling or walking are forms of cardiovascular activity which increases your heart rate as you do it. According to the British Heart Foundation, around 10,000 fatal heart attacks every year could be avoided if people kept themselves fitter. Cycling or walking are great low impact ways to start.

Your carbon footprint

Choosing cycling or walking as modes of transport is an excellent way to reduce your own carbon footprint. On average, a car takes up the same amount of space on our roads as 20 bicycles. Bikes also produce zero grams of pollution whereas a motor vehicle, no matter how efficient, produces significantly more.

Your immune system

While reducing your weight and improving your heart health will help you avoid contracting several serious illnesses, regular exercise improves the strength and readiness of your immune cells so they are prepared and active to fight off infections.

Your social life

Going for a walk or a bike ride are great ways to spend time with friends and family. In Norfolk, we’re blessed with flat and quiet country roads which are largely traffic-free. In addition, Norfolk has many cycling and walking groups for all ages and abilities to help you meet new people.

Your wallet

Those who walk or cycle regularly can save a fortune through avoiding fuel costs, parking charges and expensive repair bills. Buying a bike in the first place doesn’t have to be expensive, there are many ways to buy a good quality second-hand bike.