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Say Hello to The Good Journey Campaign

We have been testing out the new Good Journey campaign that Norfolk County Council have just launched. To put it simply, local Norfolk attractions are giving car-free discounts. Money off for people and families that travel to the attractions by other means – Bus, train, cycle or walk.

It is all part of a county wide campaign to encourage car-free days out.

Most families wouldn’t think about traveling in a different way if they have a car. Traveling by bus or train can be part of the adventure of the day out and it is both eco friendly and sustainable. Not to forget that being car-free will also save you money!

Traveling by bus couldn’t be easier. It is as simple as checking the bus times and then going to your nearest bus stop. You can pay via card now too! One of the best things about the bus is the peace of mind. Sit back and relax, take in the views until you reach your stop. The kids loved sitting on a double decker bus and seeing the sea.

Holkham Hall is offering a 30% discount for anyone arriving car-free!

But are you making any savings?

So our bus ticket cost us just over £7. The parking at Holkham Hall costs £5 and then there is fuel to include but by traveling by bus, we then save 30% off of our tickets for Holkham Hall. The whole day was lovely and we saved so much money. The kids spent it in the gift shop, but we saved money nonetheless! By paying £7 for a bus ticket for a family (this covered 4 of us), we saved £15 plus the £5 for car park! If I were to purchase a family ticket without a discount it would be £50 plus the £5 car park fee. It costs £35 because we travelled by bus!

Is Holkham Hall worth it?
We have been visiting Holkham Hall for years. We live not to far from the estate and the kids have grown up with visits to the parkland. The hall itself is incredible. It is filled with history and the staff are very welcoming and answered any questions that the kids had. They wanted to know everything about the deer and the Royals they have stayed in the bedrooms of the hall.
There is a great museum too that is close to the Hall and is included in the ticket. It explains the history of the farmland and the family behind the Hall.

Holkham Hall is a fantastic family day out and saving 30% off of the ticket price by traveling car-free is amazing.

It is going to be a great way to explore Norfolk this summer!

For all the info you need and to start planning your next car-free day out, make sure to visit the Good Journey site.

Source: The Coastal Mummy