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Norwich Park and Ride Survey results

In November 2023 we ran a survey to find out what people want from their park and ride service in Norwich.

This information will be used to help us make decisions about any new contract for the service in the future.

Here is an overview of the results:  

  • 3,600 people responded to the survey

Existing use

  • Just 11% of responses were from people who use the service for commuting to work, school or college.
    • Of those who do, approx. 80% use P&R at least weekly.
  • Used for leisure – 35% of responses were shopping, 20% for days out.
    • Of those who use P&R for leisure, just 25% use it at least weekly

Satisfaction by site:

This is the percentage of respondents who were satisfied with the current service by the site used:

  • Sprowston – 76%
  • Thickthorn – 70%
  • Harford – 64%
  • Airport – 62%
  • Postwick – 59%

EV charging points

  • 1.2% of respondents said they had used the EV charging points at sites

Future changes

The changes park and ride users would most like to see are:

  • Later buses (33%)
  • More regular buses (19%)
  • Greener vehicles (18%)
  • More bus priority on the roads eg bus lanes (12%)

The changes non users would most like to see are:

  • Cheaper tickets (23%)
  • Later buses (15%)
  • More regular buses (15%)
  • Quicker journey time (12%)

 Site facilities

The site facilities current park and ride users would like to see are:

  • Overnight parking (31%)
  • Café (25%)
  • Parcel drop-off/collection (20%)
  • Beryl bikes (7%)
  • Cycle parking (5%)