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Use the Park & Ride

If you don’t have a direct bus link to Norwich but you want to avoid expensive car parking charges, and congestion in the city then why not use one of our five handy park & ride sites? With all of them offering regular, direct services, it’s a great way to get to the heart of the city quickly, easily, and cheaply.  (just £3 per adult and £1 for any extra passengers travelling as a group).

If you’re staying in the city late, or meeting friends after work then the Thickthorn service runs hourly from 6:15pm till 11:15pm.

There are also several electric charging points in some of our sites, so you can park your car safely and return to a fully charged battery.

Use the journey planner or visit to find out more.

Travel by bike (or e-bike or e-scooter)

It’s that time of year when we all enjoy a few too many mince pies and festive treats so why not find out if you could cram in some pre-Christmas exercise by using our Beryl bike share scheme to get into  Norwich?

Simply use the journey planner and if your journey starts and ends less than a mile from a Beryl bay then it will show you this as a travel option. Watch the Beryl Journey Planner Video

You can also click on the ‘key’ icon on the map to display your nearest Beryl bay.

And if you’re not feeling energetic enough then why not give the e-bikes or e-scooters a try.

This works for Ginger e-scooters in Great Yarmouth too.

So you’ve got everything you need to burn some calories while lowering your carbon output too.

Travel by bus

It’s still just £2 for a single journey on the bus – so if you’re looking to save some money, travel more sustainably or have a Christmas drink then why not check out your local bus timetable?  More than 30 services have been enhanced this year with later running services and more frequent weekend buses. So it’s now even easier to leave the car at home and stay out later enjoying all the seasonal fun on offer across the county. Our journey planner is up to date with the latest timetable information so plan your trips today and get all the details you need.

Choose the right car park

Visit our journey planner map to see live parking information for the Norwich’s main multi-storey car parks. Simply click on ‘journey planner’ at the top of the page to view the map, then click on the ‘key’ icon, select ‘car park’ and then click on any of the locations shown. You can see in-the-moment how many spaces are free and what the capacity of the car park is, helping you to make an informed choice about where to go and saving valuable time, which could be used to enjoy a winter warmer at one of our lovely city cafes!